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Dear CWA Member,

 For most people in our country part of the American Dream is to have a good job to go to everyday, make a wage that supports your family and allows you to live in modest comfort, and have affordable and dependable healthcare.  Thru CWA we are blessed to have achieved that part of the dream.  But there are many people, in our own communities that are still striving and fighting every day for these very blessings.  During this holiday season, as we give thanks for our own many blessings, we would like to also focus on those less fortunate than ourselves.

 At this year Membership Christmas Dinner there will be tables set up for donations to 4 of our local charities:

  Toys 4 Tots (distributes new toys to less fortunate children at Christmas)

  The Nashville Union Rescue Mission (provide assistance to the hungry and homeless)

  Operation Stand Down (provides assistance to veterans, especially the homeless)

  The Nashville Humane Society (we can’t forget our furry friends)

 Each of these charities has a wish list we have attached to this letter.  We would like everyone to purchase an item or items from their wish list with a minimum value of $10.00 per charity. And you can donate to more than one charity.  Bring the item or items to the membership dinner with you to donate and you will be entered in a drawing.  If you are not a shopper, just make a minimum donation of $10.00 per charity to one or more of the charities at the membership meeting and you will be entered into the drawing.  We will draw three names from the donors of each charity and they will each win a $100.00 gift card.    

 There will be an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest.  So be sure to don the ugliest sweater you can find and enter.  It will be voted on by the members at the meeting.  There will also be a couple other games set up.  The winners of each of these will receive a $25.00 gift card. In the event of a tie, we will draw for the winner.

 So come on out and enjoy the food, fun and fellowship.  And spread some Christmas cheer to those less fortunate by participating in our little charity drives.  We look forward to seeing each one of you.

 Merry Christmas,

 Your Executive Board


Click Here for Available Charities

Nashville Rescue Mission Rescue Mission Kitchen, Rescue Mission Back to School

Nashville Humane Society

Operation Stand Down

Toys for Tots


National Day of Action Rally in Nashville

Tuesday November 29, 12:00 PM

Corner of Charlotte Pike & 47th Ave N


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2016 Success Sharing Plan

The closing stock price on September 30th marked the end of the 2016 SSP Award Year. The stock price closed at $40.61 which is higher than the $32.53 closing stock price on October 1, 2015 at the beginning of the award year. As a result, the stock price appreciation component of the SSP for this award year will pay out. Additionally, the award also includes a dividend equivalent component for dividends declared during the award year, the last of which was just declared on Friday, Sep 30th and was for $0.48 per share. That makes four dividend declarations during the Award Year with each declaration being for $0.48 per share.

The calculation per employee is:

Stock Appreciation $40.61 – $32.53 = $8.08

150 units x $8.08 = $1212

Dividend $0.48 x 4 quarters = $1.92

150 units x $1.92 = $288

Total Award $1212 + $288 = $1500.00

For A1 pay cycle it will be paid on the 11/18/16 paycheck.

For B1 pay cycle it will be paid on the 11/23/16 paycheck.”